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Prokarin Testimonials


Thanks to your new patch I was able to achieve the dream of riding the Harley 3,000 miles to Colorado to see my GrandBabies. We traveled through 5 different states with heat in the high 90's. Not one seizure or spell of any kind. Not to bad for being 65 years of age and having MS.....
Jean Swinney

I don't know how to thank-you enough for all your research developing a product that is virtually a miracle for people, like myself, that have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. My first bout with the symptoms of MS were in 1999. My neurologist wanted me to have a spinal tap and then put me on a drug. However, I have always been of the mind set that the body can cure itself, once you discover what the body is deficient in or what toxins are poisoning your system. At that time I canceled my appointment for the spinal tap, and instead drank shots of wheat grass. Eventually the symptoms of numbness in my arms and legs disappeared, and they were gone for 10 years.
However, In April of 2009 I woke up, and from my waist to my toes, everything was numb. Since I had successfully beaten the symptoms before holistically, I immediately went to a natural health retreat in West Palm Beach - Hippocrates Health Institute. They have worked with terminally ill patients for close to 50 years curing cancer, diabetes, heart disease etc. I went there for three weeks and ate raw foods, including shots of wheat grass,and pea & sunflower sprouts. When I first arrived there they took a blood test and did a "live" blood cell analysis. They discovered that I had a parasite, cryptospordium parvum, and they believed that the parasite may have triggered these symptoms. I had been in Mexico about 7 years ago and was violently ill there, and I might have contracted the parasite down there, because this parasite is mostly found in 3rd world countries.
After returning from Hippocrates, I got a medication to get rid of the parasite, nitazoxanide. After doing a follow-up stool sample, I was rid of the parasite. But my symptoms got worse, not better. By the end of May, I could barely walk. It would take me 10 minutes just to get from my bedroom to my kitchen. I couldn't lift my left leg at all, and had to drag it behind me. I was exhausted all the time, and my vision and cognition were getting worse. I couldn't concentrate to pay my bills or do any paperwork.Heat was intolerable. I decided that I needed to go back to a neurologist. They took an MRI and notified me that I had lesions in my brain and on my entire upper and lower spine. I just thank God that I never gave up on alternative cures for MS. The day I was supposed to meet with the neurologist, I came upon your web site, by searching the Internet for "alternative treatments for MS". I spent hours on your web site, read all the research, watched all the videos and was overjoyed to find that there might be an alternative to drugs.

Ironically that same day Walgreens Home Care called me to set up an appointment for intravenous Solumedrol. When I asked them why I would need that medication, they replied, "for your diagnosis of MS". How about that, I hadn't met with my doctor yet, and Walgreens Drug store informs me I have MS!

The next day, I had an appointment with my neurologist, so I knew what he was going to tell me. He entered the room, and asked if I wanted someone in the room with me. (My friend had driven me to the neurologist, because I couldn't drive anymore). I told him I already knew the diagnosis and told him what happened. He then told me the "bad news" that I had MS and a had numerous lesions on my brain and spine. He told me they were going to put me on Solumedrol, and then he would have me come into his office monthly for intravenous infusions of Tysabri ! I had already researched the medications for MS, and knew that Tysabi had terrible side effects, and in rare cases can cause paralysis, a brain infection and death! So I told him "thanks, but no thanks" I was going to try something called Prokarin. He had never heard of it. He just shook his head and told me I needed to be on the medication right away, or my situation would get much worse. I told him I would take my chances. Thank God for the Internet that I found YOU!

I went to see my general physician and told her about the diagnosis and told her I wanted to take Prokarin. I'm grateful that she's a holistic physician, because she wrote me a 6 month Prescription right away for Custom Rx Shoppe Pharmacy in Bellingham, WA. I spoke with Mike Walsh who was very helpful in describing the protocol for using Prokarin.

The good news is my symptoms have almost completely disappeared! I only have to wear 1/2 disc per day. It's been almost two months and I'm walking almost normally, most of the numbness in my legs have disappeared, my cognition and vision are back to normal, I'm not as sensitive to heat, I have more energy, I'm dreaming again, my skin isn't so dry and believe it or not, I'm growing more hair on my head (my hair had been thinning). I feel that I'm on my way to complete recovery!! This is truly a miraculous discovery, and I'm so grateful to you for having the persistence to follow-through, despite obstacles from the drug companies,and the MS Society. I will definitely keep in touch with you, I'm hoping a month from now I can tell you that I'm completely back to normal! Hopefully, I can run down the street and shout out loud - I'VE BEATEN MS THANKS TO ELAINE DE LACK AND PROKARIN!!! Stay tuned.

Gratefully -
Leanne Sarkisian

I am writing this to let people know how Prokarin has worked for me..First off, it is a God send....I have had MS for 25 years & this is the best I have felt since first diagnosed.
My first 5 years I had problems walking...that passed...then since then major fatigue. My sister called me to let me know of a show she had watched with a women talking about Prokarin...and of course I looked into it right away..I emailed Elaine quite a few times for info...then I contacted my Insurance Co. many times to make sure they would cover the Prokarin & with help from Elaine they did and still do. I have tried every vitamin, diet, remedies and on and on that were said to conquer fatigue. I was tired all the time...would do maybe 10 minutes of housework & was completely worn out..My poor husband came home from work every night, and I was in the same spot...lying on the couch.

It was only about 2 weeks after starting the Prokarin that I could tell a difference. I did not know I could or would ever feel this good again...but I feel absolutely wonderful..My husband and daughter noticed a big difference also. They get home...the house is clean...dinner is cooked..mom is not laying on the couch. I can say that it changed my whole life. I still thank my sister when she calls me for letting me know about it. KW

I have been on Prokarin since December 15, 1998. My life has been completely turned around and as strange as it may sound, my current neurologist is convinced I have never had MS. I have no more problems with my speech, no more spasticity in either my arms or legs. Until I fractured my right pelvic girdle, I could and did delight in walking miles up and down hills, riding on exercise bikes, etc. My cognition has improved tremendously and I haven't had any more episodes where I lose all motor responses throughout my body. My penmanship has i mproved, my tremors had all but disappeared. I no longer have the debilitating fatigue, and I can easily tolerate heat and cold. My eyes have improved and they no longer jerk. Prokarin is a great source of symptom management.
Before I started on Prokarin I had every symptom in the book-staggering, loss of balance, numbness in parts of my body, double vision and involuntary eye movements. I would drag my left foot and would have to help my leg into and out of the car. I had serious weakness and fatigue, bladder trouble and sometimes bowel incontinence, speech difficulties, prickling sensations in my neck and limbs, no coordination and severe tremors in my hands. I get these symptoms back if I go without Prokarin for any length of time. So I visualize and exercise so I never go back to the way I was before Prokarin. Prokarin has given me a wonderful way of living my life again (and now you can store it at room temperature!).

I have had MS since 1978. It started with the loss of sight in one eye. The sight returned and the MS disappeared until 1992. My main symptoms are a very weak right leg, feet that are hard & numb with no movement and legs that are cold.
A friend saw a program about Prokarin on Pax TV. My neurologist was hesitant but my family doctor agreed to let me try it. I have been on Prokarin for two months. The first month the numbness in both feet lessened so that I could move toes and get the feeling back. The second month: legs that were cold are now warm all day and feel normal. I do one hour of exercises each day and the legs are much stronger.
If a person has MS they should try Prokarin. The drug is a cream and applied to a patch-no shots and I have experienced no side effects.

I was diagnosed with MS in 1980 and since that time have had my ups and downs. In 1990 my doctor said "You have MS" and I asked now what? The response was "We'll keep an eye on it".
In 1993 I fell 8 feet onto my head and it took 9 months to return to work & it was then that my doctor said accidents and sickness are not good for people with MS. I was having 3 or 4 exacerbations per year. He started me on Copaxon-for 3 years I had no help & asked for another drug. He then sent me to an MS doctor in his office complex, who put me on Avonex, again no help.
I knew a man who at that time had been on Prokarin for 4 or so years & he was 68 then. After speaking with him and watching him I felt what he was doing should work for me. I started asking questions and the cost was less than my copay on the other drug plus the pills I took for spasticity and my jerking, which added up all together to over $480 per month, which all came out of my pocket. I contacted Elaine DeLack for more info & she gave me three doctors' names. To start, I spoke to Dr. David Steele, MD in Everett & for the last 20 months I haven't had any exacerbation. Yes, it does take time to get going on Prokarin, but for me it was well worth it.
As I live my life now, I can stay up until 10 PM easy. I have more energy and I'm not so tired in the afternoon. Sure I still have MS, but now it is in my control & as for cost & availability, almost no problem. I get it in one day and out of pocket cost is very manageable for me now. Yes, my insurance doesn't pay, but at least I will not go to the poor house crawling. I walk with a cane or arm crutch & use a scooter for my longer trips. This drug has given me my life back under my control.
Thanks Prokarin.

Prokarin has given me my life back! I was diagnosed with MS in 2002. As most MS patients, I too was given the whole gammit of drugs, baclofen, neutrotin, provigil, ritalin,etc. I also gave myself injections of Rebif 3 time a week and took about 15 Ibprofen a day (in a 24-hour period). All the drugs did for me was make me so spaced out that I did not know whether I was coming or going. I would fall asleep at the drop of a hat. I had to put my car in park at a red light because in that short period, I would fall asleep until I would hear horns beeping at me. One afternoon, I was at work and fell asleep in the bathroom only to be awakened by someone trying to take the hinges off the door to see if I was injured! My mind stayed so boggled all the time and yet the excerbations were still there. I still suffered with the girdling, leg pain and weakness and extreme fatigue. I decided to take myself off all the medications except the Rebif. I took the injections; supposedly to slow down the progression of the disease and could not tell you if it did or did not help with that. I just know that I got continually worse with the excerbations.
Because I am a single woman, I continue to work. My boss was very helpful and let me work earlier hours, as that was the better part of my day. I was forced to move closer to my workplace because of the fatigue. My major symptoms were extreme fatigue, leg weakness, burning in my leg and foot and muscle spasms throughout the night. I was unable to sleep at night because of the spasms, which contributed to the fatigue the next day.
I would get off work at 3:30, struggle to drive the mile home, walk in the door, drop my things and lay on the couch where I would remain the next 3 hours. I would force myself to get up and then dragged myself around the house the rest of the evening. In other words, I was totally useless after 3:30 in the afternoon.
In June 2006 I was listening to a program on television "It's A Miracle". Elaine Delack was telling her story about Prokarin and the benefits it had for MS patients. I was so excited I got out of bed and looked up her web site. Over the next few days, I listened to the videos over and over and printed off everything I could find. I emailed Elaine with some questions and much to my surprise she responded and then called me up and talked to me about Prokarin. She checked the blood pressure medication that I take to make sure it did not interfere with the Prokarin. I then contacted my family doctor and gave him the physician's packet of paper that was on the web site. He was very excited about it and wrote me a prescription. He told me to let him know how it worked because he has several patients with MS and he would recommend it to them.
In July I started on the Prokarin patch. By the fourth day I thought I was feeling a bit better but thought it had to be my imagination. By the 11th day I knew I was feeling better! I have not had to lie down since then. The fatigue is gone. Each week I noticed improvements. My legs were getting stronger, my sleeping was better because I no longer had to wake up to take Ibprofen for the spasms, and the girdling was lessening. I was so amazed at how GREAT I felt! I did not know what to do with the extra time I regained in my day. I would call all my friends and just rave about how great I felt and that I wasn't sure what to do with all this extra time! After 4 years of having my day pretty much end at 3:30 I could not get over having a full 15-hour day!
I still feel GREAT and am still amazed when I think of myself at work, struggling to even type by the end of the day. Struggling to walk to the mail box each day, concentrating so I would not walk into parked cars and trying to act like I was walking 'normal'. I walk normal now and don't have to think about it! How cool is that!!
In August I decided to discontinue the Rebif injections on my own. I took a trip out West and w as even climbing rocky ledges to get down to Lake Tahoe, in 90 degree weather! In less then 8 weeks I totally regained my life back! My daughters laugh and tell me that I have more energy than them. I can actually work 8 hours and go shopping all in the same night and still have energy to scrapbook when I get home.
I tell everyone I know about Prokarin and tell them if they know of anyone with MS to please give them Elaine's' web site. My friends and colleagues would testify to the difference in me since I have started on Prokarin. I am amazed that people will not even try this. I was willing to try anything once if it offered to help me even a little. This has truly been a miracle. I tell anyone that will listen!
I know people that I have told about Prokarin ask their neurologist about it and of course the neurologist says it is not FDA approved and that it is a scam and to continue on all the medications he (she) has already prescribed. I tell people to talk to their family physician. I also tell people that they do not have to discontinue their medications, to talk to Elaine a nd then in time, when they feel comfortable, they can wean themselves off the medications.
The only other down side I see with Prokarin is that the insurance company will not pay for it. They will pay $1400 for the Rebif injections that did NOTHING for the symptoms but will not pay the $196 for something that has given me my life back. I have been blessed with a church that has graciously offered to pay for the medication for me. I pray someday that the insurance company will pay for Prokarin because it does work. It is a miracle drug.
Well, there you go Mike. Sorry to be so long winded! I cannot say enough about Prokarin and what it has done for me. Use whatever part of this letter you want. I am willing to talk to or communicate via email to anyone that is interested.
I pray that someday Prokarin will get FDA approval so people will not be afraid to try this and get even half the results that I have gotten.

I have been using Prokarin for about one year and I love it! It is the first thing that actually makes me feel better. I have more energy and zest for life now. That's a plus as I teach primary students full time and they have lots of energy!

I am 71 years old and I have Multiple Sclerosis. I've had it since I was 24 in 1960. How did I know I had M.S., of course back then there were no M.R.I. or C.T scans to diagnose this horrible disease. One morning I woke up and couldn't walk straight, and I felt tired. Over time the numbness I felt in my feet progressed over my body like a plague. For years raising our four children I delt with the disease. I needed answers and began to look for medication. For a year I tried ACTH injections every third day until it became unavailable. Then we heard about a research program in Chicago using bee venom. This lasted one year with some positive affects. After the year was up I decided to use live bees, which was not recommended by my doctor. The live bees were painful but the venom injections hurt worse. Then I discovered PROKARIN!!! I have been using Prokarin for six years and it has given me several positive improvements such as reducing the number of bladder and muscle spasms. I reached a plateau where nothing improved or worsened, so I talked to my doctor. He recommended switching to Custom Rx Shoppe in Bellingham, Washington. I have now been with the Custom Rx Shoppe for three years, and I now have feeling on my right side which was numb before. There is no movement at the moment, but there is feeling, sooo... who knows, I might be walking again in the near future. :)

I have had MS since at least 1973, starting with episodes of Optic Neuritis. I got married in 1976 having that at the time again. I had attacks of some sort every 4 or 5 years, with nothing in between attacks. You couldn't tell I had it, and neither could anyone else. So about 27 years later, I started having problems with walking, balance, etc. I got a motorized wheel chair, and continued working at a high school of 2200 students. It got to be too much, and I retired on Disability on 6/30/2006. I heard about Prokarin from a friend, and started taking it. My Neurologist prescribed it, but was skeptical. I went to him recently. He had all kinds of reasons that I may be better. I got home, made a list of improvements that I KNEW were because of Prokarin. I mailed him the list. Here it is.

  • Balance is a lot better
  • Walking is better
  • Speech- No tongue tied speech
  • Strength
  • Heat tolerance -I can take a warm shower now, rather than a cool lukewarm one
  • Memory
  • Writing is more legible
  • Alertness, and less tired
  • Bladder- I used to get up 3-5 times per night. Now just once!
  • Bladder- I had MS for 20 years before this happened. I had to sleep on a water proof pad, starting around 1992. My bladder would just let go in the middle of the night, even if I had woken up to go other times. One time I woke up from a noise, and I was going and couldn't feel it at all. Anyway, I have not done this for 7 months!
  • Tuning fork I hadn't felt it on my ankle since at least 1989. When I was there in January, I felt it!
  • And one more thing--I can get up from the toilet, and pull up my pants, without holding on to anything!

Diagnosed with MS in 2000, I was prescribed Avonex which I used for 18 months and hated; three days of tiredness, lethargy and gloom each week, with no benefit. Then 18 months of Rebif, which was kinder to the system but still no benefit.
Decided to swear off drugs, which I did until learning about Procarin about two years later. Absorption through the skin seemed a much less dramatic method of use, I knew and understood what the ingredients were, so I thought I would try it. I am so glad I did. It has given me freedom.
Prokarin has helped my MS quite significantly; not motor function for me but definitely in relation to bodily functions i.e. bladder and bowels. Before taking Prokarin, any trips away from the house were planned to times shortly after the bathroom or the location of any to use while out. Muscle control was shot. Four days after starting Prokarin everything changed for the better, and has remained so. The looming threat of Depends is no more.. So thank you for helping. It is greatly appreciated.

After a couple of years of being prescribed A****x, not to mention all the so called symptom reliever's such as ga***tin, bac**fen, cy***alta etc etc for pins and needles, as well as for my numbing and aching feet, all they were doing was making me lethargic, depressed and tired 24/7.
I was so tired by the end of my work day that I could hardly do anything but watch tv and even doing that id always fall a sleep b4 my movie ended.
One weekend I was online researching alternative medicines, trying to find something new, even if it meant going overseas for treatments, I was specifically targeting mesenchymal and stem cell procedures, when I suddenly came across an outside link which mentioned something called Prokarin, when I started reading it, I became totally immersed in it, and specially when it started talking about Histamine, something clicked, something very powerful from inside me told me this is it! to this day I dont know what it was, divine intervention or not, but whatever it was, it sounded and felt so so right ;)
So I decided to brave it out and confront my neuros and perhaps go 50/50 with conventional and alternative and give Prokarin a try, well my neuros wouldn't even budge, not even to help me get an RX to be able to buy the Prokarin, not to mention they were always way to busy to answer me on the same day or even on the same week, it took days for them to answer my petitions, even when I begged them by email they would email me back procrastinating on the subject either telling me they were researching it or something along those lines, I even went as far as explaining to them (so that they didn't think I was gullible or something like that) that I had done my research and that I knew this was not an established conventional cure, but that I would still like to try it as a symptom reliever, what do I have to loose? I told them, as none of the drugs they had prescribed up to now had done anything but knock me out, well, they gave me every single excuse in the book and told me that instead that they wanted me to now try this other drug of theirs called Kep**a! Ok I said, let me do some research on it and well talk about it next week, I told them, but when I got back to my Mac and went online and read about it and its side effects, I said this is it!!! Im finished with the drug store! I will not become another zombie more! ;)
Im from S/E Florida and Im new to were i live now in N/E Florida so I really didn't know any DR.s here with the exception of my neuros, and that as we know by now was a dead end street, so I had to go thru the grapevine to find a DR who would prescribe me the Prokarin, well I did and it was simple enough, and she btw was a delight, so sweet and caring and easy to talk too, upon examining me and asking me lots and lots of questions she finally agreed and wrote up my prescription ;)
Buying Prokarin was easy and fast, the place were i got it from USA Compounds gave me a free months supply, (as to make sure it worked for me;) not to mention the patches, medical tape and even the calcium supplements were all included free of charge, Mike the gentleman in charge of compounding was really nice, helpful and knowledgeable btw, ohh they did charge me $20.00 for the courier fee but it delivered to my doorstep within 2 days.
Oct 18th 2007 My 1st Day on Prokarin:
Do you believe in miracles? well I do now! within hours of applying my first patch the pins and needles on both my legs were completely gone! this is no BS, I repeat they are gone and have not been back ever since.
About a week later the hug around my waist is no longer, its gone!
The horrible band (sort of a mini hug which I have around both feet has diminished considerably, its still there, but I can live with it now, before it was so bad that, sometimes I had to go to bed with my sneakers on, as to try to trick myself into believing it was the sneakers tightening my around feet and not some invisible force grabbing at them and not ever letting go. now i can sleep barefooted all the time again ;)
My bladder has gotten much much better, I have a pretty good flow now ;)
Im also sleeping much better nowadays.
My balance has gotten a lil better as well.
Today is my 23rd day on Prokarin and things are still good, and Im positive they will only get better ;)
In conclusion Im far from being a DR. but I still think everyone who has symptoms should at least give Prokarin a try, we are all different and some things work better for some than for others, never the less do yourself a HUGE favor and give this miracle on a patch a try.
PS Do not give up or get scared if your symptoms decrease at first and suddenly increase or vice a versa, as with everything the patches need tweaking, you have to follow the tritiation schedule they recommend and in my case sometimes go with what your body tells you, sometimes less is best and sometimes a lil more in the afternoons will do the trick as well ;)
btw remember what I wrote on how long it took and how hard it was for me to even talk to my n euros? well Elaine herself has been coaching me both by phone and via email and giving me much needed advice, she's an angel in my book and although she doesn't know it until she reads this, I have her on my heroes pedestal alongside Steve Jobs of Apple Inc. btw, Im an Apple Computer enthusiast and love My Macs and now I love my Prokarin Patches as well ;) thanks for taking the time to read my comments.

In 1989, I was diagnosed with MS. At first, my doctor put me on Avonex, which worked for a while, so for the next several years I stayed on this medication. But then, I started to have a lot of side effects and the medication was no longer working for me. I started to feel this medication was not for MS, I also feel that it really hasnít helped me at all.
My doctor then decided to give me steroid treatments, so for many weeks, I went to the center for out-patients for these treatments. The steroids seemed to work for a while, but then it started all over again, I started to have a hard time walking and the pain in my legs was getting worse. So my doctor again, decided to put me on Copaxone. Boy oh boy, this medication really didnít work out. I noticed my personality had changed, I was always on edge and here we go again, I had a hard time walking and the pain in my legs came back. After talking to my doctor, I found out this medication was only for relapses and not for anything else.
Then I heard about a new medication Prokarin (a compound medication) and that a seminar was going to be held here in Allentown, PA. I registered for this seminar and I got to meet Elaine DeLack, who also has the same type of MS that I have. After listening to her lecture, I decided that I wanted to try Prokarin. So, I went to my doctor, who refused to give me a prescription for this medicine. It took a while, but I finally found a doctor who believed in this new medication. I made an appointment with him, and guess what, I got my prescription for Prokarin. Now I have been on this medication, which is a compound medication, for almost 10 years. Believe me, thank you Elaine for making Prokarin, because each day I have noticed an improvement in my walking and in all my motor skills. Because of this compound medicine, I feel I got my life back together again. What I really like about this compound medicine is that there are no side effects, at least for me, I also would recommend this medication to anyone who has MS. I feel the FDA should approve this medication, because like I said, since I have been on it, I feel much better. This compound medication (Prokarin) really helps MS and I am proof of it. I wrote on how long it took and how hard it was for me to even talk to my neuros? well Elaine herself has been coaching me both by phone and via email and giving me much needed advice, she's an angel in my book and although she doesn't know it until she reads this, I have her on my heroes pedestal alongside Steve Jobs of Apple Inc. btw, Im an Apple Computer enthusiast and love My Macs and now I love my Prokarin Patches as well ;) thanks for taking the time to read my comments.

I have a 37-year history of MS. Before starting with Prokarin, it was not unusual for me to suffer a major MS relapse every 5 or 6 months that necessitated hospitalization and IV SoluMedrol treatments followed by months of rehabilitation. Unfortunately, those relapses were getting closer together and more severe. Many medical professionals told me that I wasn't living just existing. I used Betaseron for about 1Ĺ years but that treatment didn't stop the relapses and the injection sites were so bruised and inflamed that, there were no more areas available for injections. The other side affects were horrendous.
Then I heard about Prokarin! My first thought was it did not require injections. Could wearing a Prokarin patch make a difference? Not long after that, I suffered a major MS relapse with life threatening complications. My doctor agreed that I had to try something different and Prokarin was worth checking out further. So, May 2000, I started using Prokarin. My neurologist felt that I should commit to using Prokarin for one year and then we would re-assess. I agreed and was pleasantly surprised with the results - no relapses and the frequent neurological assessments showed improvement. He also commented that Prokarin is to MS what insulin is to a diabetic! Now, almost 7 years later, I no longer use a wheelchair, scooter, walker, cane or any other form of assistive device. (I owned them all.) Several friends who knew me before starting on Prokarin have commented that they would never know that I am the same person and don't mind telling my story to others. Had I listened to the nay Sayers and the negative publicity, my life would be quite different. Two friends, that also have MS, heard about Prokarin the same time as I did but decided against trying it. As a result, their conditions continue to deteriorate.
Late last year, I made a sudden trip out of the country and forgot Prokarin at home. Big mistake! I had a relapse. The good news is that once I returned to the US and got back on Prokarin, I recovered quickly without any other treatment. That also proves what Elaine DeLack has stated all along - Prokarin isn't a cure just a treatment.
In closing, thank you Mike Walsh and Custom Prescription Shoppe Pharmacy!

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